About Us

Leave a Legacy, Not Debt are independent asset protection and retirement income advisors. All of our advisors are, at the very least, independent insurance brokers with an independent support staff that includes professional case designers and a compliance team.

Our collective core values are to hold ourselves accountable to an unrivaled level of fiduciary responsibility that serves our client’s needs, before our needs. All of our advisors must our own internal criteria to certify a “strong moral compass.”

Unfortunately, the insurance industry maintains agents have a (much) lower standard of client fiduciary responsibility. The lower standards result in consumers purchasing products and policies that are not in their best interest. Subsequently, agents, in general, have earned a reputation as not being trustworthy.

As licensed producers first and foremost, we take pride in being masters of our products and services. We do not want to be “jack of all trades and masters of none” by virtue of having multiple financial and asset services under one roof. We strive to ensure that every client case is treated with the care and due-diligence they deserve, from small to large.

We always provide multiple options and deliver illustrations and proposals with clear disclosure of our stake and costs in a transaction. This is not because we have to, rather because we feel it’s in your best interest to trust that we are operating in your best interest.

Our Team of Brokers

Michael Lucy – A chemical engineer by discipline and an accomplished software developer for IBM for nearly 15 years. Michael operated a digital agency providing marketing and technical support for insurance clients for 7 years. After 7 years of working as back-office support, Michael became a licensed producer and has applied his mathematical, technical, and product training to quickly become a skilled IUL illustration case designer and field compliance officer. Michael provides peace of mind for clients by delivering accurate, conservative and realistic retirement and asset planning case designs using an “under promise and over deliver” approach.

Orlando Fernandez – Experienced Senior Business Advisor with a demonstrated history of working in the accounting industry. Top Producer / Salesman. Skilled in Solutions, Sales Tax Accounting, Auditing, Retirement Planning, and Investment Advisory. Strong consulting professional with a Bachelor of Science (BS) focused in Business/Managerial Economics from InterAmerican University Of Puerto Rico. Fluent in Spanish

Management Professional with 20 + years of experience working within the Banking, Investments, Financial Services and Insurance / Asset Protection Services, Auto Manufacturing and Banking industries. 10+ years of sales and customer service experience.

Scott Zweifel – Scott is an insurance producer in various capacities both part-time and full-time over the past 25 years. Scott specializes in understanding client’s needs and communicating those needs to the analysts and compliance personnel then, subsequently, delivering client case designs and proposals. Consistent with the Leave a Legacy, Not Debt core values, Scott serves clients’ needs before his and will always deliver asset protection and retirement planning solutions that are accurate, conservative and realistic.

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